Art Deco Mapping project – Roaring 2020s – Part I

First let me say I am not a Blogger and this is my very first post so internet, please take it easy on me! Alright full pot of coffee and some broken bells on the speakers lets dive in!


This mapping project concept was inspired by a project jaymez (another talented Winnipeg Visual Artist) and I started back in 2013. We traced out some Art Deco art work with a protector then spray painted them gold. I managed to dig up a shot of the ladies and the Elusive John brown having a bit of a celebration –


For this years edition I found this arch background and the team and I  traced it onto 3/8 inch plywood, cut it out and stapled fabric to the backing to create a multi layer map-able object:

photo_2016-10-24_14-43-21214719157_1775422839378783_75539459600285696_n71  14733237_214199389006491_6725850899282919424_n 6

The final project turned out great! If you would like to replicate this project let me know I’d be happy to share my project files and masks.

Click Here for a sample.


The full project itself is set to launch this Saturday. Stay tuned for some most excellent work by our hard working team!