Art Deco Mapping project – Roaring 2020s – Part II

Decided to do a bit of a follow up on the 2020’s build. First big thanks to Sarah and Rylaan for all their help with the project. Sarah learned a lot about how to do mapping projects and even took a major leap forward with switching software platforms making it much easier to integrate her into the project and future projects! Rylaan brought along his usual expertise with some great clips, effect building and performance.


The Setup:

The screen setup went off without a hitch. I had previous pulled the project apart and set it up multiple times at my house and I know the venue very well so I had the screen flown and leveled within an hour:


Mapping the screen or should I say remapping the screen took about another hour. The perspective of the in house projector was out a fair bit from my own at the home.


Then a quick setup of the rig an I was done. total setup time was 2 hours.


The final results were pretty impressive.

robot215216009_1137378419716616_1333563716_o robot3

A small video sample can be found HERE.


The second phase of this project will be to add a few additional mapped components. Look forward to seeing these in the spring addition of the Roaring 2020s!