Nuit Blanche: Neon Noir Event Summary

Winnipeg VJ’s are pleased to announce the full list of interactive elements that will be featured tomorrow Sept 29th at Forth for Neon Noir. We’ve been working hard developing a diverse repertoire of visually interactive 80’s style art installations for our audience to enjoy, which are highlighted below.

As a late addition also enjoy a premium laser show set up by Kris Miller of ‘Laser for Hire’!

Also enjoy free food prepared by the HaCHere Pop Up Collective – Six chefs will be serving a variety of snacks in a culinary competition / pop up food court that is sure to fill your tummy and keep you partying all night long.

Finally our Neon Noir DJ’s have also been hard at work selecting the best 80’s tracks to keep that dance floor pumping from 8pm to 2am. Don’t miss these knowledgeable dance floor veterans as they serve up smooth beats, pulsing synths and the best 80’s samples to keep you dancing all night long!

8pm – 10pm – Nathan Zahn

10pm – 12am – Lotek

12am – 2am – Manalogue

We are very excited to have you join us for this unique free event as part of Nuit Blanche 2018, come early and stay late!

Virtual Reality

Winnipeg VJ’s has long wanted to bring their full dome content to the Winnipeg art scene but due to technical limitations this wasn’t possible…. Until now! Yes, that’s right, we’ve build a virtual planetarium in VR to showcase our full dome content which you may have seen a few years back as part of the NEST Dome at motion notion 2016. For more information check out this brief demo on our Vimeo pages.

Vimeo Video:

Arcade Station

The president has been kidnapped by Ninja’s… ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO RESCUE THE PRESIDENT!? .. We’ll find out! We are bringing out a special treat, a fully functional retro Synthwave arcade experience for all you righteous classic arcade lovers.

CRT Wall

Watch VHS tapes featuring outrun themed animations, 80’s music videos, and retro tv & movie clips

Transmitted through VCRs composed onto a stack of multiple CRT televisions, the artist uses analog video mixers and effects boxes to bend, distort, loop and twist the video signals, creating a chromatic collage of retro visual effects.

A written description does not do this installation any justice, just stare into the boob tubes and prepare for a serious dose of the 80s with an acid twist.

Vimeo Video::

Video Game Mapped Stage

Get ready for an ultimate 80’s theme stage that will include the ability to play live video games projected from the VJ’s cockpit!  This stage design will bring back those neon nights and fast cars racing against a shutter shade sun. Will you make it in time or will it be game over on the dance floor!

Player one ready! Go!

Vimeo Video::

Interactive Dance Booth

Be part of the experience by being inside the experience with our interactive dance booth! Dance and manipulate photographs from past Nuit Blanche’s alongside custom 80’s retro art made by the Winnipeg VJ’s using your digital avatar!

Culture Card VJ Wrap Up

Culture Card Party, Friday March 24th, 2017

We did it! After almost 2 years of hard work, planning and connecting, we are finally ready to celebrate the official launch of Culture Card. This celebration also serves as our first collaboration with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. This is the first event of its kind at the CMHR! Culture Card and CMHR have joined forces to bring you a unique night of performance art, music and fashion, with a focus on the cultural impact of each. The night kicks off at 7pm with speeches by representatives from Manitoba Government, Winnipeg City Hall, Tourism Winnipeg (Visit Winnipeg), Futurpreneur Canada, North Forge, CMHR and Culture Card Walk around one of the most captivating works of architecture in our country, while 360 degree VJ projections transform the glass walls. Dance to the live music of Curtis Newton, with DJ Alan Nobili controlling the vibe in between. Take in an incredible dance performance by Winnipeg’s most talented b-boys and contemporary dancers (Kalliane Brémault, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Winston Minge, and Dela “Mooki” Awuya). Witness the amazing works of veteran artist Pat Lazo and Zephyra Vun as they transform a canvas in front of your eyes before the amazing Ken Lozano of Aldo Formal Wear & M2M shows off some new designs in a fashion show with Panache Management models, hair and makeup by Aveda Winnipeg, sponsored by Thermëa – Winnipeg. Duck out of the flow and relax at the CMHR restaurant, ERA Bistro, which will be serving locally sourced, fair trade food all night. Thank you for the support during this journey, we are excited to share this accomplishment with you as we mark the launch of our company, our app and a better Winnipeg.


Masquerade Party, Saturday March 25th, 2017

Congratulations to MEMETIC’s Director Nathan Zahn & Operations Coordinator Kelly Fitzsimons for hosting their fantastic wedding social on Saturday! Pixel Pusher and Toxic Prophecy had a blast doing visuals for you guys at the Park Theatre!






Art Deco Mapping project – Roaring 2020s – Part II

Decided to do a bit of a follow up on the 2020’s build. First big thanks to Sarah and Rylaan for all their help with the project. Sarah learned a lot about how to do mapping projects and even took a major leap forward with switching software platforms making it much easier to integrate her into the project and future projects! Rylaan brought along his usual expertise with some great clips, effect building and performance.


The Setup:

The screen setup went off without a hitch. I had previous pulled the project apart and set it up multiple times at my house and I know the venue very well so I had the screen flown and leveled within an hour:


Mapping the screen or should I say remapping the screen took about another hour. The perspective of the in house projector was out a fair bit from my own at the home.


Then a quick setup of the rig an I was done. total setup time was 2 hours.


The final results were pretty impressive.

robot215216009_1137378419716616_1333563716_o robot3

A small video sample can be found HERE.


The second phase of this project will be to add a few additional mapped components. Look forward to seeing these in the spring addition of the Roaring 2020s!


Art Deco Mapping project – Roaring 2020s – Part I

First let me say I am not a Blogger and this is my very first post so internet, please take it easy on me! Alright full pot of coffee and some broken bells on the speakers lets dive in!


This mapping project concept was inspired by a project jaymez (another talented Winnipeg Visual Artist) and I started back in 2013. We traced out some Art Deco art work with a protector then spray painted them gold. I managed to dig up a shot of the ladies and the Elusive John brown having a bit of a celebration –


For this years edition I found this arch background and the team and I  traced it onto 3/8 inch plywood, cut it out and stapled fabric to the backing to create a multi layer map-able object:

photo_2016-10-24_14-43-21214719157_1775422839378783_75539459600285696_n71  14733237_214199389006491_6725850899282919424_n 6

The final project turned out great! If you would like to replicate this project let me know I’d be happy to share my project files and masks.

Click Here for a sample.


The full project itself is set to launch this Saturday. Stay tuned for some most excellent work by our hard working team!