Emotion Festival – Bliss Stage Design

This year Winnipeg VJ’s designed, helped assemble and custom projection mapped the Bliss stage for the inaugural Emotion Arts and Music festival. This exciting project involved almost all facets of our capabilities, from early concept development through to detailed build schematics to working with build crews. The final result was a stage approx 25 feet tall and 35 feet wide.

The approach to mapping was to use a combination of pre-rendered animations created in programs like Blender and Cinema 4d and real time visualizations using Smode. By using real time visualizations techniques primarily, the performance could be tailored in real time with level of manipulation not possible using statically rendered content.

A variety of different living sets were designed in Smode including pulsing temple facades, growing vegetation, particle effects and a variety of different weather conditions creating a living and breathing art piece.

The projections itself were done on a single Epson 14k projector set up approx. 50 feet away from the stage.

The end result has been widely regarded as being one of the best festival stages for a Manitoban music festival. The Bliss stage will be back at next years Emotion in an expanded format, including additional lighting and temple landscape.

Make sure to check out the Emotion Arts and Music Festival over that their website:

Neon Noir

Neon Noir is a multi visual Synthwave event that was thrown as part of Nuit Blanche 2018 in Winnipeg. This event was conceived by the Winnipeg VJ’s to demonstrate the variety to technical and artistic capabilities inspired by retro-future 80’s aesthetics and sounds.

Featured among the various interactions was:

  • Projection mapped stage that allowed audience members the play video games
  • Virtual ‘Dome’ VJ Experience Using VR
  •  Classic Arcade Cabinet
  • Classic Video Synthesizers With CRT Wall
  • Interactive Dance Booth
  • Custom Mapped Laser Show

Planetarium Dome Visuals

Winnipeg VJ’s specializes in the creation of 180 degree dome visuals, these performances wrap the audience inside a complete hemisphere of visuals providing for an amazing sense of immersion.

Key performances include Motion Notion 2016 NEST Dome and the Manitoba Museum Planetarium as part of the annual Yuri’s Night.

Motion Notion 2016 – NEST Dome

Manitoba Museum Planetarium – Yuri’s Night 2016

Fear Of The Dark – Projection Mapped Sculpture

Roaring 2020’s Stage

Designed to be a portable modular event stage designed for the popular MEMETIC Roaring 2020’s electro-swing event night. The stage was designed to harken back to the roaring 20’s and features an Art Deco style rocket animated using a variety of textures and skins and a large front element featuring musical notation elements and video center piece.

Projection is provided by our portable event projector and trussing system.

Make sure check out the latest MEMETIC events over at:

MEME – Pyramid Stage

Created for the Manitoba Electronic Music Festival (MEME) 2017 and installed at the Pyramid Cabaret. This Egyptian Pyramid Stage featured 4 different screens and projectors synchronized between 4 projectors, in total pushing over 17000 lumens. The stage was designed to be modular and lightweight allowing for quick and easy setup and transport.

The content was all created in house using a variety of 3D design packages revolving around a central Egyptian theme.