Toxic Prophecy

Toxic Prophecy is a contemporary Visual Artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours Degree as well as an Education Degree from the University of Manitoba. Toxic Prophecy strives to transform two dimensional surfaces into three dimensional landscapes by using digital video projections to alter her environment. Her live video mixing performances are designed to compliment DJ’s and bands alike.

Her visual art has been displayed throughout venues in Winnipeg such as the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Planetarium, the Plug Inn Institute of Contemporary Art, Cinematheque, the Rachel Browne Theatre, Videopool, Ace Art, as well as the Edge Gallery and Urban Arts Centre. Nationally, Toxic Prophecy has performed at Motion Notion in Golden, British Columbia alongside Pixel Pusher (Winnipeg, MB).

Her current digital style embodies elements of glitch, surrealism, abstraction, geometric patterns, space, nature, and technology. Some projects that you can look forward to seeing from Toxic Prophecy in the future include 3D mapping as well as interactive visual installations.